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Introducing Sarah & Daniel

Growth Season Marketing

Led by Sarah & Daniel Gallegos.

Current Location:
Wasilla, Alaska

Daniel & Sarah are passionate and committed to the power of strategic growth marketing. 


Our commitment to business operations, beautiful brand & design, and data-driven marketing strategy is set up to propel your business into growth and profitability.

Behind the Scenes

What are we passionate about?

Our greatest excitement comes from helping small and medium sized businesses grow. You may have THE best product or service, but without marketing -- how will you acquire new customers? retain your existing customers? and drive the ultimate revenue and growth you need to sustain your business?


Who are we?

Both of us have traveled the world, collectively moved over 45 times, and worked in a large variety of industries from top to bottom in a plethora of roles. Sarah is originally from Pennsylvania, and Daniel is from Colorado. We met in Texas in 2017, got married in 2019, moved to Alaska in 2020 and the rest is history.


Why work with us?

Our experience and dedication to the details is unparalleled. We guarantee you haven't met any marketers with a greater combination of creativity and analytical expertise -- the marriage of design and data is the key to the most powerful growth tactics, and we have proven results of triple-digit growth in a large number of companies. We are committed to relentless optimization, analytical decision making, and always getting the highest return for your investment.

Sarah Headshot _ In Office.png

Sarah's Background

Lead Strategist / Owner / Operator

Hi! I'm Sarah. I am a marketing executive and business leader with 17 years of experience building, growing, and leading high-performing global marketing teams in customer lifecycle, growth marketing, product marketing, BI & analytics, marketing operations, martech, and digital marketing. My #1 passion is customer marketing -- driving retention, loyalty, reactivation, and ultimately--customer happiness.

→ 8 Years of Leadership Experience
→ 17 Years in Marketing

Daniel's Background

Account Manager / Owner / Operator

Hi! I’m Daniel! I am an entrepreneur at heart and can honestly say I’ve never been bored. I love to invest in people and the things that make them tick — and connect people and businesses together to help them both grow and thrive.


As an extrovert and an intuitive person, I can strike up a conversation with virtually anyone. I’ve been called a "people collector" in the past because I keep a vast mental rolodex of people that I've met and connected with from all over the world.


My ultimate goal at Growth Season Marketing is to improve my client’s condition by:

  • cultivating deeply rooted relationships

  • making processes more efficient

  • pruning unneeded business practices

  • grafting in new methods with a higher ROI

  • and bringing growth opportunities into the light.

Look forward to meeting you!


Contact us to get started in your next growth season.

Sarah & Daniel Gallegos, Owners & Operators


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