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Providing Consulting + Marketing Services


Tap into nearly 2 decades of marketing experience by hiring Sarah for consulting work. Set up a free consultation to discuss your business goals, plan, timeline and budget. Sarah can support your business on a project basis, retainer, or hourly commitment.

Examples of Sarah's Expertise:

  • Launching a new business -- the marketing strategy for a new company

  • Branding basics -- where to get started and get the highest ROI

  • Marketing team -- Custom high quality job descriptions, rubrics, performance evaluation plans, and more.

  • Hiring? Sarah can find the best talent for your marketing team. Tap into her knowledge and network.

  • Leadership -- Sarah brings a decade of passionate leadership and communication skills to help you level-up, motivate your team, and get results.

  • Other: Marketing analytics, reporting, ROI analysis, building yearly & quarterly marketing plans, and more.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Build a strategy and customer retention plan to support the entire customer lifecycle. Onboard new customers, keep customers engaged, build loyalty programs and referrals, testimonials and reviews, upsell/cross-sell and drive revenue from current customer database. 

Customer Acquisition / Growth Marketing

Hire us to build you a comprehensive acquisition growth marketing strategy. We will outline the channels and tactics needed to drive your business on nearly any budget. Accelerate your growth with paid Google search, display ads, retargeting, paid social ads, YouTube ads, and much more. Completely customizable plans available for any industry.

Start Growth Today

Convinced? Want to skip reading about the dozens of areas of expertise we offer? Ready to commit to the next growth season for your business?

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation

Set up your ongoing communication with leads, automate your pipeline with sales enablement, level-up your customer newsletter, provide product updates and new launches -- and more. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools at the lowest cost to engage customers, drive revenue, and increase adoption of your products & services. We offer support through HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, and other major platforms. We can develop brand-new email marketing strategies & tactics, or we can audit and optimize your current plans. We can offer templates, design services, copywriting, full-service management, and analytics/reporting.

Get Found on Google! Organic Search / SEO Services

We offer comprehensive and custom SEO services for every business model. Get found on Google! If people are searching for your products & services, those are your #1 customer prospects. Don't make them find you on page 10 of Google. We offer on-site SEO services, Google Business Page optimization, social media support for SEO, and much more.

Customer Research to
Fuel Growth Choices

Learn exactly what your customers want and need. Take customer research data to build your next product or service go-to-market strategy and plan. Build what customers need.

eCommerce & Subscription Services

eCommerce & Subscriptions + Product Marketing

Determine exactly how you want to sell online, outline all product offerings with price points, margins, product descriptions including positioning/messaging/value propositions that will resonate with your audience. Set up subscription models for recurring customer revenue. 

eCom Conversion Rate Optimization / UX Enhancements

Hire us to do a full audit of your website and ecom cart experience + funnels. With nearly 20 years of experience optimizing conversion rates, reducing abandonment and increasing engagement metrics -- we can build you a step by step plan to optimize your funnels and ecommerce cart to reduce cart abandonment and increase your revenue.

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